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Örebro County

Presentation of the Region

The industry profile of the Örebro Region is well in line with several of the pilots of Vanguard Initiative, giving us a wide range of opportunities for industrial collaborations. The common denominator for the region´s key industry is advanced manufacturing. Large multi-national industrial corporations as well as small, highly specialized SME´s make up the base of the industrial landscape.
Leading applied research on sensors and autonomous systems as well new and upcoming national initiatives on AI are hosted at the regional Örebro University, leaving the Örebro Region well positioned for future industrial development and further engagement in inter-regional activities

RIS3 Priorities

Region Örebro county have identified Food in the intersection of culinary arts, health and sustainability one of two focus areas. This priority carries good prospects of contributing to positive social development in this area. Knowledge creation in this area can contribute to innovation in the food industry as such, and help developing nutrition with benefits for a wider societal perspective through public meals. In that aspect, the public sector can be a very important driver of innovation and implementation of new solutions.

The second priority, autonomous, digital and intelligent production systems, targets the strong research at Örebro University around autonomous systems, in particular AI and applications including health and wellbeing as well as industrial applications.

The Örebroregion is active in a pioneering effort with our neighboring regions of East Central Sweden (NUTS SE12) where we collaborate in four focus areas based on Smart Specalisation. One of them is a thematic area of relevance for Vanguard, “Smart Industry”.

Irén Lejegren Chair of the Committe for Regional Growth

Our membership in the Vanguard Initiative has already proven successful in terms of forming new partnerships where our priorities for Smart Specialisation can be realized and put into practice.

Political Representatives
Irén Lejegren

Chair of the Committe for Regional Growth

Regional Contact Persons
Lisa Virén

Development Manager

Brussels Contact Persons
Rasmus Bergander

Policy Adviser

Regional Address

Box 1613
70116 Örebro

Brussels Office Address

Rue du Luxembourg 3
1000 Brussels

Our Pilots

printer, 3d, pressure
Strong emphasis on industrial needs and challenges in the 3DP Pilot Project

Over the last weeks, the 3D-Printing Pilot project has put a particular emphasis on three key action lines, which resulted in some promising progress.

An example of cross-regional funding for demonstration projects: the ‘ANSP/University Örebro-UNIBO’ case

This short document aims at presenting the funding instruments and mechanisms that were used (or considered to be used) in the context of a specific project developed within the Demo Case ‘Automoti