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Presentation of the Region

Having gone through major structural changes the last decade, Region Skåne still have a strong industry base with industry transforming into the new service sector. Our competitive advantage lies in highly skilled engineering. We are committed to working close to the private sector, promoting the skill-base and know-how needed and to promote even closer cooperation with academia and other relevant actors to create an innovative and truly international mindset throughout the region. Our smart specialization strategy; the International Innovation Strategy for Skåne, identifies six areas where the Region have a strong position: tech, life science and health, agrifood, smart and sustainable cities, advanced materials and our world leading research facility ESS & MAX IV. The existence of strong clusters within life science, cleantech, ICT, packaging, food and mobile communication is a starting point. We work intensely to facilitate their cross-border and cross-sectorial work, to create open innovation arenas. Strong regional research communities, the planning and building of a worldclass European research infrastructure in the region, as well as our perception of future major societal challenges have also been decisive for the choice of specialization.

RIS3 Priorities

Life science and health
Advanced materials
Smart and sustainable cities

Political Representatives
Louise Eklund

Deputy Chair, Regional Development Committee

Regional Contact Persons
Richard Gullstrand

Deputy Director, Regional Development

Daniel Kronmann

Head of unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Brussels Contact Persons
Michael Johnsson

Director, Skåne European Office

Regional Address

Skånehuset, Västra Storgatan 12
291 89 Kristianstad

Brussels Office Address

Rue du Luxembourg 3
1000 Brussels

Our Pilots

Progress update from the Nano pilot

Partnering Opportunity: the MEMS for nano-analytiX demo case published a technology offer on the EEN portal The Bologna Unit of CNR-

electronics, pcb, processor
Skåne has launched a Call for Interest to European Regions for “Strengthening the European semiconductor industry”

The democase Nanowires for Energy and ICT applications is focused on establishing regional p

Progress update from the Nano pilot

The NeMs4Bio demo case aims to offer a one size fits all platform standards for nano-enabled microsystems for bioanalysis. NEMS4BIO aims at low

ProNano: Swedens first testbed for nanotechnology opens in Region Skåne

Within the Nano Pilot, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, in close cooperation with Region Skåne and Lund University, have established and started operations of the ProNano pilot line.  On the cam

windmills, fields, sunset
ADMA Pilot updates January - April 2020

With the completion of the NeSSIE project in 2019 and the Pilot Action on Sens

arduino, nano, processor
Incremental progress in Nano Pilot in Autumn/Winter 2019

The Nano Pilot demo-cases have been making incremental progress between September – December 2019 and continue to have the support of the network manager and the two leading regions, Emilia-Romagna