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The ESM-pilot aims to develop demo-cases through Milan summit

The ESM-pilot aims to develop demo-cases through Milan summit

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

With the objective of further deepening transregional cooperation projects, two of the demo-cases within the Vanguard Initiative’s ESM-pilot will be hosting events in Milan. The events, that will be held on the 30th of November and the 1st of December, aims to build a critical mass of regional actors for a project regarding an upscaling of the use of new, innovative materials based on plastics. In addition, the outline of a demo-case concerning the development of highly configurable and intelligent manufacturing lines will be finalized through an interactive session.   

Two of the demo-cases that operate within the framework of the Vanguard Initiative’s ESM-pilot will, in late November and early December, hold events in Milan with the objective to develop and deepen their respective transregional cooperation projects.

The first event, that is to be held on the 30th of November, is a strategic workshop organized by the demo-case Advanced Sustainable Surface and Coating Manufacturing Technologies. The objective of the workshop is to connect regional stakeholders and to aid them in in the drive to build a critical mass of actors that will enable the partnership to develop further. Advanced Sustainable Surface and Coating Manufacturing Technologies aims to enable scale-ups, demonstration, validation and integration of new, advanced materials made from plastic. These actions are taken to allow the future commercialization of such materials.

Following the strategic workshop, a so-called Collaboration LAB, organized by the demo-case Smart & Adaptive assembly and manufacturing System, will be held on the 1st of December. The session functions as a one-day focus group meeting that aims to help the partnership to finalize the demo-case through moderated discussions. The demo-case in question intends to develop a European network of highly configurable and intelligent manufacturing lines that will be able to produce personalized components and products. In order to do so, different pilot lines, each of them focusing on a specific sector according to regional strengths, will be created in the participating regions.

The Vanguard Initiative's pilot on Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM)

The objective of the Vanguard initiative’s ESM-pilot is to create a European network of demonstration sites and pilot lines at a regional level that will enable manufacturing companies to develop and introduce highly efficient and sustainable processes, technologies, systems and methods. The pilot promotes the utilisation of enabling technologies within two domains, manufacturing efficiency and environmental and social sustainability of manufacturing. The former domain refers to reaching for increased output and quality of European products, as well as reducing manufacturing costs. Within the latter domain the focus is a reduction of energy and materials consumptions along with a decrease of emission related to manufacturing. Furthermore, social sustainability also refers to increasing the inclusion of human labour in manufacturing industries.