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Presentation of the Region

There are many good reasons why the region in the heart of Europe is a top location for globally active companies such as GLOBALFOUNDRIES, BOSCH, Infineon, Volkswagen, BMW, and NILES-SIMMONS-HEGENSCHEIDT.

It’s all about the people who are Saxony’s greatest asset. Because – Saxons are exceptionally bright. More than 95% of Saxony’s workforce possess at least a university entrance level qualification or have completed vocational training (OECD average is 79%).
Saxony’s transportation infrastructure is also efficient and solution-oriented – with its dense network of federal expressways, rail lines, three inland ports on the Elbe River, and two international airports. At Leipzig/Halle Airport, the logistics giant DHL provides 24/7 service all year round at its European air cargo hub.

RIS3 Priorities

Vibrant industrial branches form the backbone of the business location Saxony. The traditional heart of Saxony’s economy is found in the Chemnitz-Zwickau region. Whether it is mechanical engineering or more than 100 years of "Autoland Saxony," strong and highly efficient industries have evolved from smart ideas and intelligent solutions. The heart of "Silicon Saxony" – Europe’s largest cluster for the microelectronics/ICT sector – beats in Dresden.
Another competitive plus for Saxony – the region is one of the "Strong Innovators" within the EU. The focus of Saxony’s researchers is on intersectoral topics such as lightweight construction, energy storage technologies, automation technology, and future mobility.
Saxony doesn’t just stand for business, dynamic growth, and industry. Products "made in Saxony" with precision craftsmanship and manufacturing tradition are world renowned. These include MEISSEN® porcelain and watches made in "Glashütte/ Sa." And there’s more – Saxony enchants. With a superb mix of a remarkable historical heritage, a wide range of cultural attractions, and great natural beauty – Germany’s number one travel destination for culture enthralls residents and tourists alike

Martin Dulig Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Foreign trade and internationalisation are crucial to finding a way out of the current crises. This means that cohesion and cooperation in Europe – both geopolitically and economically - are of even greater importance than before.

Political Representatives
Martin Dulig

Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Regional Contact Persons
Sebastian Wörfel
Regional Address

Wilhelm-Buck-Straße 2
01097 Dresden

Our Pilots

welder, welding, industry
ESM Smart Plastics Hub selected for support by the TAF program of S3 platform

Within the demo-case “Polymers based functional products” of ESM p

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ESM and Bioeconomy Pilots successful in TAF-applications

Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), launched by the European Commission as a tool to support Smart Specialisation Platforms (S3P) -Industry investment projects has been open for a second assessmen

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ESM Pilot closes 2019 reflecting on its role in the new programming period

The ESM Pilot annual meeting took place in Brussles on 13th December.

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Strong emphasis on industrial needs and challenges in the 3DP Pilot Project

Over the last weeks, the 3D-Printing Pilot project has put a particular emphasis on three key action lines, which resulted in some promising progress.

VI Regional Conference - Malopolska

On Tuesday 7 June, the Małopolska Region will organize the Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference.