Vanguard Initiative regions showcase best practices at European Week 2023 events

Vanguard Initiative regions showcase best practices at European Week 2023 events

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The European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) 2023 took place last week, and was the opportunity to showcase the achievements of Vanguard Initiative regional ecosystems in various events involving regional stakeholders, industry representatives and the European Commission. The Vanguard Initiative specifically organised two regional partnership panel discussions, on the topics of the local energy shift and the post-industrial transition.


Vanguard Initiative regions leading by example in local energy shifts

Local energy shift event photoOn Wednesday 11 October, the Vanguard Initiative organised a panel discussion on the topic of the local energy shifts, showcasing the successes of decarbonization activities and projects in its regions and within its pilots, with specific examples of successful hydrogen and offshore wind projects from Bolzano, Emilia Romagna, East and North Finland, Lower Austria, Malopolska, Scotland, Slovenia and Wales.

The projects presented by the panelists demonstrated that transitioning to more sustainable energy sources is possible, and the Vanguard Initiative regions are proud to be leading by example in the local energy shift, with its regions at the forefront of the twin transition.


Vanguard Initiative regions’ pilot activities in the Post-Industrial transition

post-industrial transition event photoOn Thursday 12 October, the Vanguard Initiation held its second European Week seminar, on the theme of the post-industrial transition. For 10 years, Vanguard Initiative members have been leading by example on fostering the post-industrial transition with strong Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies and innovative cooperations across Europe. Representatives from the VI regions of Asturias, the Basque Country, Norte region, North-East Romania, Slovenia and South-Netherlands exchanged with Mr. Patrick Brenier – Adviser for European Research Area (ERA) and Open science at the DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission on the different solutions to overcome the challenges presented by the smart and green transition.

The event was the opportunity to hear from political and industry representatives from the VI regions, providing different examples of best practices from the Vanguard Initiative pilots, specifically in the field of Smart Health and personalised medicine.

And also…

Along with the VI regional partnership events, the Vanguard Initiative regions organised no less than 8 events, policy labs or food tastings throughout European Week 2023, attracting numerous participants, and shedding light on all the positive work accomplished in the regions to foster place based innovation.