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Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM)

Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM)

The goal of the proposed project is to create a network of demo sites and pilot lines at regional level that will enable manufacturing companies in different sectors, including SMEs, to develop and introduce highly efficient and sustainable processes, technologies, systems and methods. The ESM initiative will promote the utilisation of enabling technologies within the framework of the following two main domains:

  • Manufacturing efficiency, with the goals of increasing throughput, quality and reducing costs;
  • Environmental and social sustainability of manufacturing, with the goals of reducing energy, materials consumption and emissions, and increasing the inclusion of humans in the factories.

Implementation of the demo sites and pilot lines will be based on the cooperation and synergy of the public and private sectors. The impacts foreseen will be the greater competitiveness of companies thanks to improved manufacturing efficiency based on smart specialisation, knowledge acquisition and high-added-value capacities, reduced consumption of energy, water and other core resources, and the positioning of companies in new competitive value chains.


Leading regions Contact
Catalonia Joan Guasch (joan.guasch [at]

Giacomo Copani (giacomo.copani [at] // Roberta Curiazzi (roberta.curiazzi [at]