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Asturias is an industrial region open to cooperation.

Asturias is a maritime region located in the North of Spain that has been tradition¬ally an industrial leading region. Industrial culture, diversification, adaptation to technological changes, a growing infrastructure of advanced services and opening into external markets, are all points defining Asturias economy.

Along with the traditional industrial sectors (steel, zinc and aluminum, energy and agro-food) there are activities related to the development of new prod¬ucts in new materials (nanomaterials), chemical industry and milk and dairy prod¬ucts. Shipbuilding together with maritime transport and logistics connected to the ports of Gijón and Avilés will be crucial for the development of a new and open economy.

One of the main challenges that Asturias is facing through its Smart Specialization Strategy is the recovery of its industrial leadership. To do so, Asturias counts on the new materials and advanced manufacturing sectors, the diversification of energy production, and the biotechnologies applied to agro-food and health industry. All these strengths will be the basis for the creation of synergies, value chains and sus¬tained competitive advantages.

An important pillar for the future of Asturias industrial sectors is the territorial cooperation among industrial clusters and companies from different European ter¬ritories. Asturias is a territory open to cooperation. Asturias  takes part in several projects and networks as acting as leader in some of them; the region is also member of  ERA-NETs in manufacturing,(Ocean era-net, Manunet, , S3Chem Chemical, or H2020. Asturias  is an active member in the several regional Networks and the Euro¬pean Clusters Alliance.