Hydrogen (H2)

About the Pilot

The Hydrogen Pilot, launched in 2022, is a dynamic knowledge and innovation network dedicated to propelling the development of a robust hydrogen economy in Europe. With growing interest in hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, European nations are eagerly investing in its potential for decarbonisation and energy storage. Led by Lombardia, Małopolska and Slovenia, our mission is to strengthen all segments of the European hydrogen value chain by fostering interregional collaboration between industrial actors, academia, research and technology organisations (RTOs) and establishing new business relationships, with a specific focus on SMEs.

Uniting Regions, Fuelling Innovation.

What sets the Hydrogen Pilot apart is our diverse membership, consisting of 23 EU regions actively participating in our demo cases that encompass vital aspects of the hydrogen value chain. From green H2 industrial processes and H2 in shipping to jointly creating standards, requirements and conditions for advanced storage equipment and pipeline transportation solutions, we address a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the value chain. This unique composition gives us a remarkable reach potential, enabling us to build an online matchmaking platform, facilitating connections between companies seeking to invest in hydrogen and universities, research centres and private laboratories equipped with the expertise and hydrogen development.

Activities & Long Term Goals

Upscaling, internationalisation, and commercialisation.

The Hydrogen Pilot plays a pivotal role in expediting the journey of demonstration cases towards market commercialisation. Leveraging our expertise, we offer support in designing effective business models and identifying financing opportunities. By doing so, we empower projects to scale up efficiently and achieve successful commercialisation, unlocking new markets and business verticals and driving the growth and adoption of hydrogen technologies.

Enabling a Just Transition: Fostering Skills and sustainable livelihoods.

At the Hydrogen Pilot, we understand the significance of a just transition towards a sustainable future while meeting European Union’s green hydrogen targets. Therefore, we place great emphasis on identifying and promoting the essential skills within the hydrogen economy. We recognise that regions heavily reliant on fossil energy sources face unique challenges in this respect and we, therefore, prioritise the development of necessary competencies to facilitate a seamless shift in these regions.

Co-Leading Regions
Pilot Contacts
Fabrizio Guarrasi

Lombardy region, primary contact person

Agnieszka Bachórz

Małopolska region, secondary contact person

Draško Veselinovič

Slovenia, secondary contact person

Nina Meglič

Slovenia, secondary contact person

Paweł Soja

Małopolska, secondary contact person

Participating Regions
Baden - Württemberg
Basque Country
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Lower Austria (Niederösterreich)
Lower Saxony
Tampere Region
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Demo Cases

Hydrogen pilot's stakeholders meet at HYDRO-COMP demo case inaugural meeting

On Monday, June 19, the inaugural meeting of HYDRO-COMP demo case partners took place. The conference was organized remotely by Małopolska, Saxony and Slovenia.

European Week of Regions and Cities: Vanguard Initiative Regions boosting the Green Transition

VI regions hosted a seminar during the European Week of Regions and Cities, to present how they lead by example in achieving the Green Transition and sup

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VI Regional Conference on Hydrogen

The conviction that green hydrogen is fuel for the growth in Europe and the future of a low-emission economy brought together speakers and gues

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Annual Report 2023: Hydrogen

The report is available here.

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Action Plan 2024: Hydrogen

The Action Plan is available here.

Hydrogen Pilot Summit

On behalf of the co-leaders of the Hydrogen Pilot, Małopolska Region would like to invite you to partcipate in the Hydrogen Pilot Summit

Kick-off meeting of Hydrogen (H2) Pilot

Małopolska Region, Lombardy Region, and Slovenia are organising a kick-off meeting of Hydrogen (H2) Pilot which will be held in

VI Regional Conference - Malopolska

On Tuesday 7 June, the Małopolska Region will organize the Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference.