Hydrogen pilot's stakeholders meet at HYDRO-COMP demo case inaugural meeting

Hydrogen pilot's stakeholders meet at HYDRO-COMP demo case inaugural meeting

Mathieu Didry 2 minutes

On Monday, June 19, the inaugural meeting of HYDRO-COMP demo case partners took place. The conference was organized remotely by Małopolska, Saxony and Slovenia. The event was an opportunity to present the technological potential aimed at achieving the objectives of the demo case, at the same time serving as a forum for discussion about the possibilities of joint projects.


Demonstration activities create a space for the implementation of specific tasks planned by the members of the Hydrogen Pilot. They facilitate the process of integration of science, business or administration representatives, help to accelerate the introduction of innovations to the markets and lay the foundations for a new approach to strategic thinking on the internationalization of industry in the European Union. The Hydrogen Pilot currently runs four demo cases led by its individual members who invite other regions interested in a given thematic area to cooperate. HYDRO-COMP, which full name is Standardization of Hydrogen Pipelines and Vessels in HYDRO-COMP, aims to improve technologies for transporting and storing hydrogen, along with developing a universal, widely accepted standardization for them.


The meeting consisted of speeches by the leaders of the HYDRO-COMP – Małopolska, Saxony and Slovenia, who prepared presentations on the main ideas behind the demo case and presented regional potentials in terms of achieving its goals. Details related to Małopolska's application for the recently completed recruitment in the I3 (Interregional Innovation Investments) competition were also discussed in order to present partners with good practices in this area and share some experiences for the future. An important part of the agenda was the closing speech of Dr. Andrzej Czulak on the EU calls in which members of the demo case could take part in the next months.


All stakeholders involved in HYDRO-COMP and other demo cases within the Hydrogen Pilot will have an another opportunity to meet in a larger group during the Hydrogen Pilot Summit scheduled for September. The event will take place on October 4-5 in Krakow at the EXPO Krakow center.