What We Do

A place-based approach

The Vanguard Initiative leads by example, implementing a fresh approach to industrial transformation following an inclusive, interactive, and ongoing entrepreneurial discovery process built on the Regions RIS3/I3. Co-developed and co-led by the member regions themselves, the Vanguard Initiative Pilots provide a ‘place based-approach’, ensuring active participation of industry and related business organisations such as clusters, as well as research institutions, academia, and civil society – the quadruple helix.

Our Principles

The partners in the Vanguard Initiative share the ambition to be a frontrunner in new European industrial growth initiatives and to lead by example. The implementation of the transition path in Europe towards a new industrial future requires a collaborative approach, leading to joint efforts and matching of resources. Therefore, the Vanguard Initiative proposes three measures to develop multi-level governance for new innovation and industrial growth initiatives:

  • Aligning strategic roadmaps;

  • Aligning strategic investments;

  • Upgrading regional clusters into world-class clusters