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The VI Gateway

Supporting Innovative SMEs

With the aim to supporting innovative SMEs and knowledge institutes in particular, the VI Gateway is facilitating innovation collaboration between organisations active in the value chain of our Pilot Projects. VI Gateway allows its users to:  

  • find new partners (end-users, technology provider, etc.)
  • facilitate matchmaking among organisations interested in a specific opportunity
  • showcase recent developments made in their organisation
  • obtain information about relevant EU funding opportunities and express interest to join a project consortium


How to participate

Are you based in a VI region? Then, you can be active on the VI Gateway by creating an account for free here.


  • as a means of double checking, you will be asked to indicate in which administrative region (so-called NUTS code of your region) you are based. If located in a VI member region, you can proceed with registering.
  • you will need to indicate to which Pilot community or communities you want to be connected to : 3PD, AI, BioEconomy, ESM and/or Smart Health.
  • you are not active in any of these 5 Pilot Projects, but you are interested in our Nano, Hydrogen and/or ADMA Energy Pilot Projects and you have an interest in making use of Vanguard Initiative’s VInnovate funding tool, choosing “none of the above” will give you access to all relevant information and activities

You will be asked to complete your profile.

Your organisation’s profile can include general information, but also allows you to include to add specific expertise and/or requests, showcase realisations, initiate a new collaboration project and solicite for others to join, etc.

You can update your profile at any time.


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