How to apply

VInnovate Call 2024

VInnovate Call 2024 - The targeted projects

Targeted Beneficiaries

Each VInnovate project will be composed of

  • at least one SME (following EC definition available here).
  • at least 2 organisations located in at least 2 distinct VInnovate member regions/states (namely East NL (Gelderland and Overijssel provinces), Norte, Wallonia, South NL (Noord Brabant province), North East Romania, Flanders, Galicia, Lower Saxony, Emilia-Romagna, Lower Austria, Wales) AND at least 2 distinct countries (namely Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Wales, Romania, Portugal). Beyond ‘interregional cooperation’, each project should therefore promote international cooperation;

The VInnovate beneficiaries must be all be located in a VInnovate call 2024 member region/country. Every VInnovate applicant will have to comply with requirements of the regional/national instrument to which the beneficiary is applying (available here), as well as VInnovate criteria described below. 

The project consortium can be eventually complemented with additional partners (“associated partners”); not funded through instruments activated in VInnovate 2024. Such associated partners should therefore secure other funding sources (private, regional, etc.).

In addition to one or several SMEs, a VInnovate consortium can potentially be composed of Large Companies, Universities, Research/Facility centres or Research and Technology infrastructures.


Scope of the Call 

Each project will aim at developing solution(s) that will support at least one of the following transitions:

1) a smarter Industry  

2) a more sustainable Industry

3) a more autonomous/less dependent  Industry.

Eligible VInnovate 2024 projects must be linked (thematically) to at least one of the 8 VI pilots. More information about the scope of each VI pilot is available in the Guide for Applicants here. If applicants have any concerns regarding the linkages between their project idea and the VI pilots' scope, they are invited to contact the relevant VI pilot leads, whose contact details are available on the VI pilot pages listed below. 

More information about the eligible and targeted VInnovate Call 2024 projects can be found in the Guide for Applicants here

Supported Activities 

The VInnovate Call 2024 will support activities at TRL6, TRL7 and/or TRL8; meaning that VInnovate will support post-prototyping activities.

The total project costs will be of minimum 100.000 € project cost per project.

The project duration will be of maximum 36 months.

Every VInnovate candidate will have to comply with requirements of the regional/national instrument to which the beneficiary is applying.

In general, the following types of costs can potentially be eligible for funding: Personnel costs, Subcontracting costs, Purchase costs (travel, equipment, consumables), indirect costs. Applicants are requested to check the regional instrument descriptions here for a confirmation of eligible costs.



For more information regarding the application process, visit the webpage here.