New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot

About the Pilot

Micro and Nanotechnology are considered a growing source of cross-sectoral innovations that will drive the modernization of industry in the 21st century. It is forecasted by the expert community that nanotechnology will, in the near future, take a prominent role in many diverse technological domains.

The European Commission (2015), has identified and mapped priorities, strategies and funding instruments and volumes of 83 European regions that were addressed or related to the European Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). Several Europen regions have indicated priorities related to Nanotechnologies, including Micro-and Nano-electronics and Photonics, in their Operative Programmes and RIS3.
In the area of Nanotechnology, the sector that seems to attract most interest from regions is that related to developing next-generation nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanosystems, with a clear majority of replies related to nanomaterials. For Micro-and nanoelectronics, regions indicated a number of priorities mostly related to advanced sensors and power components.

The New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot project (Nano Pilot) aims to connect regions in order to build an industrial ecosystem in nanotechnology and to create pilot production facilities for products based on nanomaterials.
These products can be based on a synthesis of nanomaterials and nanocomponents which can be integrated in corresponding technical applications in virtually any industry sector, including areas such as clothing, automotive, construction, IT, displays, cosmetics, food, and medicine. Bringing prototypes to production by securing the reproducibility of application remains a critical point for the industry. This is where this pilot project aims to make a difference.

Activities & Long Term Goals

The pilot project aims to connect and further develop an open and business driven facility for pilot production of nano-enabled materials, systems, and products. By pooling the region’s resources and efforts, and by connecting regional strengths to create a strong European industrial fabric within nanotechnology, new value chains will emerge within the realms of innovative nanomaterials, connecting European R&D and laboratory infrastructure with different types of industries.

The key objective is to boost the existing inter-regional value chains as well as create new ones to bring micro and nanotechnology-enabled products or manufacturing processes successfully into the market. In doing so, valuable connections between science and industry can be created or strengthened. The potential market opportunity of micro-technologies (e.g. microfluidics, microelectronics) is huge and since these technologies are often applied in combination with nano-enabled products, the pilot will admit and support demo-case collaborations and projects in this field.

Based on this rationale, the Nano Pilot aims to develop concrete joint demonstration cases in which regional innovation ecosystems can intensify collaboration.

The primary objectives of the pilot are:
- Inspire and encourage policy makers to design and implement innovation strategies and operational programmes able to support inter-regional collaborations in the field of micro and nanotechnology-enabled products.
- Develop inter-regional platform of collaborative high TRL (> 6) demonstration cases in the field of micro and nano-enabled products.
- Accelerate the adoption of nanotechnologies to boost the innovation capacity of European companies in several fundamental sectors an value chains.
- Create synergies with the other Vanguard Initiative pilots as well as with European networks and associations

For further information please contact:
Matthias Grosch: [email protected] or Javier Bravo: [email protected]

Co-Leading Regions
North Rhine-Westphalia
Pilot Contacts
Matthias Grosch

North Rhine Westphalia

Javier Bravo


Participating Regions
Baden - Württemberg
North Rhine-Westphalia
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Demo Cases

Progress update from the Nano pilot

NeMs4BIO democase is preparing a project proposal for the I3 call The leaders of NeMs4BIO democase, Imec (Flanders) and Oost agency are preparing a proj

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Skåne has launched a Call for Interest to European Regions for “Strengthening the European semiconductor industry”

The democase Nanowires for Energy and ICT applications is focused on establishing regional p

Progress update from the Nano pilot

Partnering Opportunity: the MEMS for nano-analytiX demo case published a technology offer on the EEN portal The Bologna Unit of CNR-

Progress update from the Nano pilot

Vanguard New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot: Open Steering Committee The New Nano-Enabled Products Pilot Project held an Open Steering Committee on 1st Jun

Progress update from the Nano pilot

The NeMs4Bio demo case aims to offer a one size fits all platform standards for nano-enabled microsystems for bioanalysis. NEMS4BIO aims at low

ProNano: Swedens first testbed for nanotechnology opens in Region Skåne

Within the Nano Pilot, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, in close cooperation with Region Skåne and Lund University, have established and started operations of the ProNano pilot line.  On the cam

Action Plan 2024: Nano

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Annual Report 2023: Nano

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Annual Report 2022: Nano

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Action Plan 2023: Nano

The Action Plan is available

New Nano-Enabled Products infographic

This infographic presents key information about the Vanguard Initiative New Nano-Enabled Products (Nano) pilot.

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Video Playlist

On 13th of November 2020, the New Nano-enabled Products Pilot (Nano Pilot) organised its Annual Plenary Meeting. The event gathered members of the Vanguard Initiative network as well as interested stakeholders from European industries and innovation ecosystems, such as companies, startups, clusters, R&D organisations, universities, regional agencies and many others.

Whatch the video presentations of demo cases here