Skåne has launched a Call for Interest to European Regions for “Strengthening the European semiconductor industry”

Skåne has launched a Call for Interest to European Regions for “Strengthening the European semiconductor industry”

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes

The democase Nanowires for Energy and ICT applications is focused on establishing regional partnerships to strengthen the European semiconductor system. In Skåne, several organisations already contributed to the semiconductor value chain. Thus, there is a great possibility to further develop, in collaboration with other regions, and thereby contribute to the challenges of the recent semiconductor shortage. The Skåne region can contribute with excellent university research in nano- and semiconductor technology at Lund University, advanced research facilities MAX IV and ESS, test- and demo facility ProNano (RISE), deep-tech start-ups (e.g. Alixlabs,  NordAmps, Hexagem, Epiluvac), and industry with research and development in the semiconductor design (e.g. Ericsson, Axis, NordicVLSI). This, in combination with the unique opportunities within basic research to manufacturing scale-up at Science Village, makes the region a strong partner for innovation within semiconductor nanotechnology.  Through the expansion of the facilities for deep-tech research, development, and pilot line manufacturing combined with the high spirit of innovation gives a solid ground for growth in the semiconductor value chain for Europe.

At the plenary meeting, Region Skåne and RISE, reached out to the regions in Europe to explore the possibilities of establishing a complementary interregional pilot line network that will cover the complete infrastructure chain for semiconductor nanotechnology innovations across all levels of the TRL scale, from basic research to pre-production.

The proposal is to form a collaboration between actors in the region of Skåne and other regional semiconductor actors from academia and industry that have a similar goal to invest and strengthen their capabilities for future semiconductor innovation across the complete value chain.

The result of the proposal presentation was the establishment of several contacts that will further be explored through bi-lateral meetings with, among others, Wales, East Netherlands, and South Netherlands.