ProNano: Swedens first testbed for nanotechnology opens in Region Skåne

ProNano: Swedens first testbed for nanotechnology opens in Region Skåne

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

Within the Nano Pilot, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, in close cooperation with Region Skåne and Lund University, have established and started operations of the ProNano pilot line.  On the campus of Lund University, ProNano is Swedens first test and demonstration environment for the industrialization of nanotechnology-based materials, processes, and components.  The facility gives new possibilities for innovations within nanotechnology to scale up for becoming commercially viable.

The first applications and customers for the facility are focused on innovations for III-nitride (GaN, AlGaN) nanomaterials for next generation energy and lighting systems. Advanced infrastructure and equipment for material growth and metrology have been installed and are now operational.  First mover partners are already engaging with ProNano by booking machine time and engineering services from experienced ProNano research engineers.  The focus for ProNano is industrialization and scale-up in an industrial environment that prioritizes controlled and calibrated processes and routines.  First process investments include an advanced AIXTRON MOCVD high temperature reactor combined with a state-of-art Hitachi SEM with EDS and STEM capabilities.  Production of nanowires/nanostructures combined with high resolution SEM imaging will be the first challenging activity of the facility.

Plans are also being discussed with the first potential partners from Sweden, Europe and the USA that want to co-locate with their own equipment and operations with the facility- an important aspect of the ProNano Open Innovation business model.  The vision for ProNano is to become an Open Innovation Hub for nanotechnology innovation for the region and Europe.  With the opening of ProNano operations as planned in October 2020, RISE becomes a key part of the regional ecosystem for nanotechnology, building a path for bringing the results of research in nanotechnology to the market.

In addition, through the activities of the Vanguard demo-case Nanowires for ICT and Energy Applications, discussions are proceeding to build the first cross-regional collaborations with ProNano.  A virtual workshop to explore potential projects of mutual interest was held on 9-October leading to continuing discussions with regions South Netherlands, Emilia-Romagna and North Rhine-Westphalia.