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Malopolska is one of the 16 regions in Poland, strategically located in the southern part of the country, bordering with Slovakia and nearly with Czechia. It is adjacent to European horizontal route E40, which efficiently connects its capital – Kraków, to the highly industrialised Upper Silesia Region (40 minutes), and Germany (210 minutes). It covers an area of over 15k. km2 and is populated by over 3,4m. of which 800k. inhabit Kraków.

The Region has over 8% share in the Polish GDP (2019). Per capita, it results in €11,3k (92% of country mean). The average gross salary in the corporate sector (as of early 2021) is €1,2k. (in Krakow €1,4k.). The unemployment rate sits at 3% (as of spring 2021). Annual export volume regularly (pre-COVID) exceeds €10b., with a positive trade balance. Malopolska is also a higher education hub with over 150k. students (12,2% of country total).

Małopolska is the most frequently visited region in Poland (over 17m. annually, pre-COVID). Krakow airport is the second busiest in Poland (over 8m. passengers annually, pre-COVID). Apart from Krakow, regional biggest social and tourist joints are Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Wieliczka (salt mine), Oświęcim (Auschwitz), Zakopane (mountain resort).

RIS3 Priorities

Małopolska RIS3 domains cover ¼ of the total employment in the Region. Between 2013 and 2019 the number of people employed in RIS3 sectors grew by 39%, compared to a growth of 15% in the total number of people employed in the Region. Over 2015-2019 on average every fifth registered new business entities' operating profile was aligned with the RIS3. 3,6 percentage points – was the increase (2013-2020) in the total number of citations attained by regional researchers connected with smart specialisation.

Małopolska is restructuring its RIS3 approach as the region implements new EPD model characterized by open and flexible line. Opportunities, barriers, and needs have been diagnosed and analysed in the prospect of global value chains, which helps incorporate regional domains into the wider technological, scientific and industrial streams. Moreover, the new generation of our RIS3 document (2030 frame) demands increased activity of RIS3 stakeholders and their higher autonomy in shaping the domains’ content.

Małopolska offers two dimensional understanding of its RIS3 priorities, thus the proposed intervention is double-tracked. There’s a subjective, problem-oriented attitude that is applied toward the domains:
• Life Science;
• Sustainable energy;
• Creative and leisure ind.,
and a horizontal approach, applied within:
• ICT;
• Electrical engineering and machinery ind.;
• Production of metals, metal products and non-metallic mineral products;
• Chemistry.

Witold KOZŁOWSKI Marshal of the Małopolska Region

Małopolska is looking to foster economic growth, job creation and further development of the region through new technologies. The Vanguard Initiative will allow all participating regions to join forces and spread the benefits of innovative solutions across the European Union.

Political Representatives

Marshal of the Małopolska Region

Regional Contact Persons
Agnieszka BACHÓRZ

Head of office RIS3 management


Specialist in the Smart Specialization management team

Brussels Contact Persons

Head of office


EU Policy Officer

Regional Address

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego
ul. Basztowa 22
31-156 Kraków

Brussels Office Address

Residence Palace - Centre de Presse International
rue de la Loi 155
1040 Brussels

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