VI Regional Conference - Malopolska


VI Regional Conference - Malopolska

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes

On Tuesday 7 June, the Małopolska Region will organize the Vanguard Initiative Regional Conference.

The theme of the conference is hydrogen and hydrogen-related technologies, an important component of Sustainable Energy which is one of the seven smart specialisations in the Małopolska Region.

Hydrogen has become a bustling field of interest and more European regions voice their ambitions to unlock it as a sustainable source of energy that will contribute to the decarbonisation agenda in multiple ways. The hydrogen sector is continuously growing and evolving along the entire supply chain: from production to transport and storage, to the many applications in different fields.

The value in collaborating on shared hydrogen issues is already recognized by many Vanguard Initiatives members. The rise in energy prices and the Russo-Ukrainian War have forced regions to consider energy security and fuel shortages as well as energy poverty more seriously. Hydrogen represents also a key element of the European Commission’s vision to achieve a clean, more affordable, and secure energy system.

During the Conference, we will welcome distinguished speakers from, among others, Małopolska and Saxony. The representatives of the scientific world and business will share their knowledge and experiences on the development of hydrogen technologies and their application.

The event will be held in a hybrid form at The Home Army Museum in Kraków between 14:00-17:00 as a part of the Małopolska Innovation Festival. On Wednesday 8 June, all interested participants are invited for study visits to the most technologically advanced Małopolska’s institutions which are engaged in the Vanguard Imitative activities.

The registration is available here. More information about the Conference is available here.
Please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] if you need further information.