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Wales supports the ‘Learn’, ‘Connect’, ‘Demonstrate’, and ‘Commercialise’ ethos of Vanguard. 

The Welsh Government has defined its vision for longer term economic development and prosperity in its recently released “Prosperity for All”, the national strategy to deliver its key priorities for the rest of this Assembly term (2021). A white paper Brexit: Securing Wales Future has also been released which discusses Wales' transition from the European Union and sets out the main issues believed to be vital for Wales as the UK moves to leave the EU.

Wales was an early adopter of Smart Specialisation, during 2013 it published Innovation Wales, the national innovation strategy.  The Vanguard Initiative’s key principles accord well with Innovation Wales which identifies that whilst we need to promote, encourage and enable innovation across the whole economy, key investments should be made on the basis of clear strategic priorities, built on Wales’ national and international acknowledged economic strengths.

Pan Wales there is an active and innovative business community with a strong research and innovation eco-system, including internationally recognised universities and research & technology centers. Industry collaboration with public sector partners helps set the ambition and direction to drive sustainable growth of a resilient and adaptable economy.

Wales has a proud industrial heritage dating back to the Industrial Revolution, particularly in coal, iron & steel production. In the 21st Century Wales is looking to re-invent itself by future-proofing our existing businesses through Innovation and building the infrastructure to support businesses creating the digital age.  The development of Europe’s first industrial cluster devoted to Compound Semiconductors, which will be European in Scale but global in reach is a key example of Smart Specialisation. Additionally the SPECIFIC consortium based at Swansea University works with industry across the UK to create new products that will be integrated into buildings that generate, store and release energy, building on our strength in materials and coatings; major partners include Tata, Pilkington and AkzoNo

Wales supports the ‘Learn’, ‘Connect’, ‘Demonstrate’, and ‘Commercialise’ ethos of Vanguard.  We will positively engage with the European networks and pilot projects with the aim of increasing collaborative activity to support leading-edge innovation projects.

Minister for Education