Smart Health/ Personalised Medicine

About the Pilot

The Smart Health Pilot is a learning and co-creation community, composed of the 13 Vanguard Initiative Member regions, led by East Netherlands, Flanders and South Netherlands. The initiative, launched in 2021, recognises that personalised medicine, which with a citizen- centric approach, tailors medical treatment to individual characteristics, presents vast potential to revolutionise healthcare not only at European level but also globally; by improving patient outcomes, optimising treatments, extending healthy life years, and contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Accelerating Progress through the Quadruple Helix together with Academia, Industry, Government, and Society.

We drive advancements in personalised medicine and smart health through collaboration among experts in biomedicine, technology, and data-driven approaches. Engaging stakeholders from diverse sectors and actively involving less developed regions, we bridge innovative gaps across the entire value chain, promoting inclusivity and collaboration. To broaden participation, we actively showcase the remarkable outcomes and benefits of the pilot at tailor-made workshops, events, and digital seminars.

SMEs and industry: Catalysts of transversal innovation.

Transversal innovation is at the heart of our initiative, embracing diverse companies and technologies, even beyond the health sector. We actively engage with other European initiatives, such as the VI 3D Printing Pilot, to enhance synergies, expand the innovation ecosystem, and drive advancements in smart health.

Activities & Long Term Goals

Nurturing Projects from Conception to Commercialisation.

The Smart Health Pilot supports the development of joint demonstration cases addressing the development gaps and needs of smart health in Europe. We provide comprehensive support, including scouting EU funding opportunities, assisting in consortium creation and offering guidance during the project’s proposal preparation. Our commitment extends until the successful commercialisation of the project, ensuring its long-term impact.

Navigating regulatory barriers for Health and Personalised Medicine.

Healthcare is profoundly impacted by legislation and regulatory barriers, which often vary across Member States and even within regions. By leveraging the expertise and collaborative efforts of our partner regions, we aim to identify and address these regulatory challenges.

Co-Leading Regions
East Netherlands
Pilot Contacts
Melissa Campagno

Innovation consultant, G.A.C group, primary contact person

Kathleen D'Hondt

Flanders region, secondary contact person

Participating Regions
Autonomous Province of Trento / Trentino
East and North Finland
Nord-Est (RO)
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Demo Cases

Smart Health - A rich online plenary meeting for a fruitful year 2024 in the field of Personalised Medicine !

On 5 February, the first 2024 online plenary meeting of the Smart Health Pilot was held and aimed at setting the basis for the annual activities to be carried out to support the p

Vanguard Initiative Smart Health pilot meeting in Bologna : a event to showcase the power of collaboration in the field of

The VI Smart Health pilot event 2023 was held in an incubator managed by ART-ER (a territorial and innovation agency that coordinates the work of several incubators and provides t

Vanguard Initiative’s Smart Health Pilot’s Local Stakeholders from across Europe meet at Plenary Event in Brussels

Last Friday, the Smart Health Pilot’s plenary event was held at the House of Dutch Provinces in Brussels, in presence of representatives from the pilot’s participating regions’ ecosystems, as well

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The evaluation results of the SME Success Stories are out!

The Vanguard Initiative SME Success Stories evaluation results are finally out and we are proud to announce the winners of this new Vanguard support scheme.

Action Plan 2024: Smart Health

The Action Plan is available here.

Science meets regions - Final Event

Please download the presentations shared during the event at the top right.

Science meets regions - Lower Austria

Please find here the presentations shared during the event.

VI Smart Health Pilot Session - Infoday VInnovate call 2024

The meeting aims to introduce the VInnovate funding scheme to the VI Smart Health Pilot stakeholders. 

RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference

Save the Date for an exciting community event on June 12th and 13th, covering the entire spectrum of regenerative medicine, from cutting-edge research to practical solutions.

Smart Health Pilot Info day

On Tuesday 28 June from 09:00 to 10:30 the Vanguard Initiative Smart Health Pilot is hosting an Info Day Webinar to provide an opportunity to EU regions interested in joining the

Smart Health Pilot - SAPHIRe

Save the date for the VI Smart Health Pilot event which will take place on 26 April 2022 from 14:00 to 17:00 at the Flemish Parliament in Brussels.

EWRC: Connecting Regional Innovation Ecosystems: Interregional Value Chains to spur the Digital transition

Vanguard Initiative, jointly with the VI Regions East Netherlands, Asturias, Baden Württemberg, East and North Finland, Emilia Romagna, Scotland, Slovenia, and South Neth

Smart Health Kick-off meeting 14 April 2021


Smart Health Pilot Scoping note

The Smart Health Pilot scoping note provides a framework for developing pilot activities and generating new demo case project ideas.

Smart Health Pilot Flyer

The Smart Health Pilot explained in a nutshell. 


The Consortium for Securing the Adoption of Personalised Health in Regions (SAPHIRe), aims to structure the application of personalised health at regional level which will drive the transition towards sustainable healthcare and personalised health. On the website you can find an observatory with regional policies related to personalised health.