Pilot Action plan 2021: Bioeconomy

Eleonora Nadin 1 minute

The 2021 Annual Plan is the primary reference that guides the Bioeconomy Pilot activities, by providing primary direction supporting the strengthening partnerships and defining a feasible financial route for the industrial results exploitation of its demo-cases. The Action Plan is also devoted to increasing collaboration among Vanguard Initiative regions interested in new potential demo-cases, exploring use-cases technologies, and supporting regional Smart Specialisation strategies. Communication activities represent pillar tools to engage new regions interested in bioeconomy, support company involvement, and increase the Pilot and the Vanguard Initiative visibility. The document consists of three parts:

  • 1. An introduction, including a description of the long-term Bioeconomy Pilot objectives, currently Vanguard regions involved, and the annual specific objectives;
  • 2. A list of the main Actions, the key achievements, progress indicators, and the annual budget description of the scope and details of innovation 2020 activities of the Pilot’s demo-cases;
  • 3. A more extensive description of demo-cases specific annual objectives and activities.

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PILOTS Bio-Economy
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