The Vanguard Initiative annual plan 2021

Eleonora Nadin 1 minute

This annual plan sets out the programme of work that Vanguard Initiative will seek to accomplish during 2021 and is informed by discussions in the Annual Political Meeting 2020, within the Board and with Task Group Leaders, in the context of the Milan Declaration.

Our annual plan identifies the priorities that the Vanguard Initiative will need to focus on: why we’re doing it, how we’ll do it, and who will take the lead. Our active and involved membership is one of the things that makes Vanguard Initiative unique: The Board and nominated leads will steer and govern this work programme, with co-ordination and oversight from the Secretariat, but we all have a role to play in delivering it.

Vanguard Initiative’s success depends on active member participation in our pilots, task groups, and network meetings, and engagement with our regional stakeholders, directors, and political leaders. VI is proud to consist of 39 member regions in 2021 and to present two new pilots:

  •  Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine Interface
  • Smart Health.

To find out what the VI goals are for 2021, download the full document.

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