Shaping bio-based value chains through cross-regional cooperation


Shaping bio-based value chains through cross-regional cooperation

Eleonora Nadin 1 minute

The transition toward a greener and more circular production form based on renewable raw materials represents an essential step toward competitive and sustainable growth. Interregional cooperation is one of the keys to developing new value chains, new knowledge and shared innovation, and offering opportunities for regional economic strengthening.

The bioeconomy contributes to developing new industrial applications by creating employment and added value in sectors complementary to the strictly chemical one, such as agriculture, logistics, energy, and the transformation industry.

The event brings together policymakers, funding authoritiesbusiness support organizations and SMEs sharing future perspectives in cross-regional cooperation for bio-based business and it promotes the co-creation of new opportunities for bio-based interregional cooperation value chains. The achievements of the Bioeconomy Pilot will be showcased as examples of what’s in it for you: join us and start biobased open innovation!

  • Ludo Diels, VITO, Flanders, Biobased aromatics, challenge and opportunities
  • Willem Sederel, Circular Biobased Delta, Radstand, Lignocellulosic biorefinery
  • Maurizio Bettiga, Lombardy Green Chemistry Ass., Lombardy, The future of sustainable mobility
  • Jon Goriup, Slovenia, Poly4EmI, Slovenia

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