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Presentation of the Region

Innovation is a key aspect of our regional competition. It is the main factor in order to close the gap between scientific progress and regional development. Innovation allows companies, and the industrial sector to be more competitive, increasing their benefits and creating a more advanced socioeconomic ecosystem.

One clear message that all competitive economies are developing is the key aspect of reaching the market. Research and Innovation have to work together in order to create open innovation systems focused in all actors within the regional innovation: academia, companies, research centres, and public administration.

In this re-launch of innovative systems all around Europe, regions are very important in order to put into value the traditional elements of developing new competitive models together with the traditional and already implemented productive methods. Developing new innovative strategies based on regional collaboration, together with the global industrial framework or with the Smart Specialisation Strategies already designed and implemented, will be the target of our region.

RIS3 Priorities

Advanced Manufacturing, a change in the industrial model, technology transfer, industrial entrepreneurship, and the international collaboration with other regions developing more international projects, will be some of the priorities in this new challenge we are already facing.

Cantabria is a regional leader in some manufacturing and scientific aspects. Our companies and Research groups are developing regional, national, and international innovative projects in key sectors such as biotechnology, renewable energies, Information, and Telecommunication technologies, Automotive, or Aerospace. Smart health is also a very important field in which we have a valuable expertise.

To be part of the Vanguard Initiative will reinforce the importance of our industrial and technological system, will increase the impact of our open innovation strategy, and will give us the opportunity to increase our participation in international pilot projects.

Political Representatives
María José Saenz de Buruaga

President of the Government of Cantabria

Eduardo Arasti Barca

Regional Minister of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Trade

Regional Contact Persons
Javier Puente Redondo

Director General of Innovation, Technological Development and Industrial Enterpreneurship

Angel Pedraja Terán

CEO SODERCAN (Regional Development Agency of Cantabria)

Brussels Contact Persons
Inmaculada Valencia Bayon


Regional Address

Albert Einstein nº 2 - 5ª planta
39011 Santander Cantabria

Brussels Office Address

Avenue D’Auderghem 22-28

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