3DP Pan EU project launches matchmaking tool and call for SMEs

3DP Pan EU project launches matchmaking tool and call for SMEs

Ryan Titley 1 minute

The 3DP Pan EU project is a project developed by Vanguard Initiative’s 3D Printing pilot, enabled by funding from the European Parliament. The project is aimed at fostering awareness, knowledge and uptake of 3D-printing technologies in Europe by facilitating and promoting SMEs’ access to high quality services related to testing, validating and certifying 3D printing solutions. The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of Brainport Development (coordinator), IDEA Consult, ART-ER, CIVITTA and Asterion Europe. 

The key component of the 3DP Pan EU project is the 3DP PAN EU platform, which is a digital matchmaking tool bringing together demand and supply of demonstration services in the area of 3D-printing. Through the platform, the 3DP Pan EU project will provide funding for 10 cross-regional 3D printing industrial demonstration projects, with a maximum funding of 40 000 euro per case (open call launched on 8th April). The call will provide funding for demonstration activities provided by facility centres registered on the platform. The funded projects must be SME-led and cover the involvement of at least two facility centres located in two distinct EU countries. 

For more information, see the 3DP Pan EU Platform website.