ADMA Energy Pilot moving forward with new project areas

ADMA Energy Pilot moving forward with new project areas

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The ADMA Energy pilot is currently advancing the development of priority project areas identified in 2019 and 2020 as new demonstration cases within the Pilot. During the ADMA Energy Partners meeting on 2 July 2020, regional stakeholders came together to discuss the status of the revised project development briefs and decide on a timeline for this year. These proposed project areas are, and will be, pursuing the development of project proposals for targeted funding in the second half of 2020 and early 2021 with the support of the ADMA Energy Pilot partners. The European Green Deal call within Horizon 2020 will be important, as the scope of several expected calls are well-aligned with the scope of the proposed project areas. 

Proposed project areas within the ADMA Energy Pilot have the common aim to identify technology and innovation needs as well as related challenges to focus on potential solutions for harsh environments. Two project areas that were discussed during the 2 July meeting include ‘Power transfer in the sea’, led by Scotland (UK) and ‘Next generation of materials for manufacturing of big components in offshore’, led by Asturias (ES). The ‘Power Transfer in the Sea’ project brief focusses on integrating offshore renewables at sea, the use of offshore energy to produce alternative vectors, including storage, as well as power for related industries at sea, among others. The ‘Next generation materials’ project area focusses on the exploration of the use of lighter steels in offshore wind turbines to reduce costs. Additional proposed project areas that remain for further exploration include: ‘Joining of large components in harsh environments’ led by Flanders (BE), ‘Anchoring and Mooring’ led by Scotland (UK) and ‘Exploring Decommissioning and Valorisation of Oil & Gas rigs in Sustainable and Circular Economy Frameworks’ led by Emilia Romagna.

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