The ADMA Energy Pilot Outlines its plans for 2021

The ADMA Energy Pilot Outlines its plans for 2021

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The year 2020 presented challenges through the global pandemic COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, the ADMA Energy Pilot was able to come together and further develop the project areas for collaboration based on current priorities. In 2021, the ADMA Energy Pilot and partners would like to build on the experiences and outline a clear Action Plan for 2021.

On 28 October and 1 December 2020, the partners of the Pilot came together to discuss the project area progress and next steps in order to pave the way for an actionable Action Plan. Key building blocks of the Action Plan 2021 will include communication and networking activities to bring together stakeholders from the ADMA Energy Pilot regions to exchange about ongoing projects and activities and to foster cross-pollination, as well as continuation of the project areas Power transfer in the sea, Joining of large-scale components and Next generation materials. 

Among the exchanges planned for 2021 are those related to the DOCC-OFF project, which was presented during the 2 December meeting and brings together two of the ADMA Energy partners with Basque Energy Cluster and SIRRISOWI lab in the consortium. As an action for 2021, the project will organise an information exchange as well as a workshop to keep other ADMA partners informed about developments. 

In addition, the Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy launched on 19 November 2020, brings forward the growing importance of the industry at the core of the ADMA Energy Pilots ambitions. A key action in 2021 will include connecting to the strategy and its High Level European Offshore Renewable Conference. Partners are in the process of finalising the actions for 2021, due for January.