ADMA Pilot updates January - April 2020

ADMA Pilot updates January - April 2020

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

With the completion of the NeSSIE project in 2019 and the Pilot Action on Sensing & Remote Monitoring in Marine Renewable Energy facilities well underway, the Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Related Applications in Harsh Environments (ADMA Energy) Pilot has embarked on the identification of new areas of interest for the pilot. In 2019, the ADMA Energy Pilot commissioned a study to report on current insights into technology and innovation needs. Building on this exercise, five specific feasibility studies were carried out to deepen the knowledge and understanding of the current challenges and outlook toward potential focal points therein. 

The five initial studies covered Joining of Large Components in a Harsh EnvironmentPower Transfer in the Sea, Next Generation of Materials for Manufacturing of Big Components in Offshore Wind, and, Mooring and Anchoring, and Exploring Decommissioning and Valorisation of Oil & Gas rigs in Sustainable and Circular Economy Frameworks. Initial project feasibility reports were scored and evaluated, and the interest of the regions to lead and participate were captured. As a result it was agreed to take forward the Joining of Large Components in a Harsh Environment, proposed by Flanders (BE), Power in the sea, led by Scotland (UK) and Next Generation of Materials for Manufacturing of Big Components in Offshore, led by Asturias (ES) for the time being. Specifically, the Large components project looks at hybrid joining, adhesive bonds and mechanical joints. The New Materials project explores standardised grades of steel, aiming at validating a demonstrator close to market as well as new steel design for applications in harsh environments. The Power in the sea case considers the integration of power sources at sea, linking offshore oil and gas platforms to offshore renewable energy sources. 

In 2020 the ADMA Energy pilot will further develop these areas into project development briefs and a selection of specific cases will pursue and develop project proposals for targeted funding as new demonstration cases within the Pilot. 

The regions coordinating the ADMA Energy pilot are Scotland (UK) and Basque Country (ES). The partner regions currently participating in the pilot include Asturias (ES), Norte (PT), Lombardy (IT), Emilia Romagna (IT), Flanders (BE), Skåne (SE) and Dalarna (SE).