The Commission published the I3 stakeholder consultation results

The Commission published the I3 stakeholder consultation results

Ryan Titley 1 minute

The European Commission published the report on the assessment of the stakeholder consultation on the new Interregional Innovation Investment Initiative (I3) proposed under the ERDF regulation for the 2021-2027 programming period. This new instrument, inspired by the Vanguard Initiative experience intends to support regional innovation stakeholders, well integrated into the regional innovation ecosystems, providing funding for mature joint innovation projects organised in value-chain investment portfolios.

In the context of the public consultation launched by the Commission, the Vanguard Initiative has elaborated a comprehensive contribution, in collaboration with 6 other European Networks that was also supported by 14 S3 interregional Partnerships. This contribution, building on experience from VI pilots, aimed at shaping an instrument suited for innovation stakeholders' needs and addressing existing barriers in interregional innovation projects.As reflected in the report, strong consideration was given to VI’s input, that will contribute to shaping this new initiative in support of interregional collaboration.

To download the report: click here.
For more information about the consultation: click here.

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