COVID 19 - VI Regions Actions to Support Businesses

COVID 19 - VI Regions Actions to Support Businesses

Ryan Titley 1 minute

The Vanguard Initiative network continues to work towards strengthening EU industry, and making sure we build Europe’s innovation capacity through complete EU value chains.  However, the implications of COVID-19 mean that all of us are rethinking our immediate priorities and about how we deliver on those.  Vanguard Initiative member regions are focused on tackling the economic consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.  Regional governments and economic agencies are working hard to support businesses in coping with the immediate effects, as well as starting to think about longer-term recovery efforts.

Here you can find details of how Vanguard Initiative member regions are supporting industry in their region.  Members are invited to share any additional or updated responses - please provide brief details of how your regions are providing support to businesses to deal with the COVID-19 impacts, providing links where appropriate.  Please send any responses to [email protected] and [email protected].

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