Future of Vanguard Task Group meeting

Future of Vanguard Task Group meeting

Eleonora Nadin 1 minute

Future of VI task group organized on April the 1st a session about the future of VI.
There was an excellent and fruitful discussion on the most critical factors of VI development.

Twenty-five people from their respective regions participated in this discussion which proves that regions - VI members do care a lot about how future development of VI takes place. It came out that almost everyone thinks that SMEs inclusion in VI is one of the most critical issues for the future of VI, the same as is interregional financing and comparison and consequently matching of regions’ smart specialization strategies for further well-orchestrated cooperation.

In addition, proper and even more efficient corporate governance and always necessary transparency of VI came out of the discussion. Sometimes we have been asking ourselves why some regions are not so active in VI, and the debate showed that some regions don’t have that capacity. Future of VI task group will continue these discussions about further VI developments, which are an essential input in preparing VI strategy 2030. 




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