Launch of new digital bioeconomy platform

Launch of new digital bioeconomy platform

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The Bioeconomy Pilot and the Biobased Industry Consortium (BIC) work closely together and exchange information concerning the biobased industries’ topics and the Bioeconomy Pilot’s cases for joint demonstration to exploit all potential synergies. One significant result of this cooperation is the launch of the “Biobased platform for regions”, focused on stimulating bio-based investments by connecting regions and industries.

The platform was launched during the Biobased Industry Consortium Annual meeting in February 2020. More than 40 European regions from 20 countries are registered in the platform, including all members of the Vanguard Initiative's Bioeconomy Pilot.

The digital platform is a partnering space where regions and industry can make contact based on mutual interest. It focuses on creating local value chains and access to finance, namely helping regions and industry bridge the gap about bio-based investment opportunities at the level of regions.

Benefits for the regions that are registered include easy identification of industries corresponding to the region’s bio-based investment priorities and feedstock availability and to attract private investment for local supply chains. At the same time, industries can benefit from a unique platform to find and offer business opportunities, building relationships and access alternative sources of finance for demo- and flagship projects.

The platform for regions is complementary to the work of the Vanguard initiative. While the platform for regions focuses on access to finance, the Vanguard Initiative seeks explicitly to develop bio-based value chains through pilot and demonstration activities via regional collaboration and creating more critical mass through complementary assets’ exploitation and acceleration of technological developments. Therefore, regions involved in the Vanguard Initiative may additionally benefit from participation in the digital platform for regions. 

Regions interested in joining the initiative are asked to complete a template for their profile in the platform. There is no fee for regions to be part of the platform. You can visit the platform here.

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