New project funded by European Union’s Maritime and Fisheries Fund with links to ADMA Energy Pilot

New project funded by European Union’s Maritime and Fisheries Fund with links to ADMA Energy Pilot

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

To address the demand for lower costs and need to secure competitive advantages through digitalization in the area of offshore windfarms, the project Scaling-up Digitalization Of Critical Components in OFF-shore wind turbines” (DOCC-OFF) has been developed, stemming from the ADMA Energy demo-case Sensors, Instrumentation and Remote Monitoring. 

DOCC-OFF aims at demonstrating the impact of sensing and remote monitoring in the optimization of the design, the increase of the performance and the reduction of maintenance costs of critical components in offshore wind turbines. Special focus is given to the pitch system, identified as one of the most critical components. The project will address the technology gap in its system digitalization and the real data availability for a reliable validation and demonstration process. DOCC-OFF is believed to positively impact the competitiveness of the partners involved and enable implementation of digital technologies developed in other critical components, thus increasing the impact along the value chain. 

The project has a budget of €1M and will receive its funding from the European Union’s Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The funding was successfully applied for in the 2018 DG MARE Blue Economy call. DOCC-OFF was launched in the context of the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) interregional partnerships activities – one of five regional partnerships in the Energy Smart Specialisation Platform launched by the European Commission (DG REGIO), based on the earlier work by the Vanguard Initiative pilot actions. 

The Basque Energy Cluster is coordinator of the project. NEM Solutions and HINE Renovables, both from Basque country, and SIRRIS from Flanders, Belgium are the other partners involved.

More information is available on the project website