Progress update from the 3DP pilot

Progress update from the 3DP pilot

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes

A growing number of regions, organisations and (implemented) projects in the 3DP Pilot! 

The start of the year 2021 was marked, for the 3DP Pilot, with an increase in the number of partners regions and active organisations. As a result, the 3DP Pilot is now gathering and connecting the innovation ecosystems of 31 EU regions (29 partners and 2 ‘observers’)!

Within our partnering regions, a growing number of organisations (Facility Centres, Technology providers, Clusters, End-users, etc.) are becoming directly active (leading demo cases, submitting new ideas, etc.) in 3DP Pilot activities, facilitating generations of e.g. use cases and instrumental connections (towards solutions’ co-development and deployment).

At this stage, our cross regional ecosystem is:

  • Implementing 9 demo cases and, within these demo cases, various applications specific projects (incl. 5 projects funded in end-2020);
  • Developing 4 new project ideas developed in end -2020 and currently met with high cross regional interest;
  • In addition to this, the ecosystem is activated flexibly and timely to address new and emerging industrial needs, beyond the scope of the demo cases: during the next plenary meeting (June 2021, date to be fixed), new project ideas will be pitched!

The 3DP Pilot ‘Funding Opportunities associated - Activities’: more than 110 participants in March 2021

On the 8th of March 2021, the ‘3DP Pilot Webinar on Funding Opportunities S1 2021’ was held. This webinar gathered more than 110 participants. All regions of the 3DP Pilot were represented by at least one representative. The Webinar aimed at informing participants about the upcoming funding opportunities in the field of ‘Cross Regional Demonstration Projects related to 3D Printing’. The Webinar centralised information from various funding levels and sources. Funding opportunities from regional instruments, selected cascade funding projects, and Horizon Europe IAs and RIAs Calls were presented to Members.

From 8th of March until 19th of March, partners then expressed interest (indicating specific expertise, etc.) with respect to various Calls and opportunities. This resulted in various Call-focused meetings on the 19th of March 2021. Such Calls-specific activities attracted again a substantial number of partners, initiating early discussions on possible concepts for proposals.

Relying upon these activities, the 3DP Pilot aims at offering members the opportunity to more easily find complementary expertise they are looking for and, in-fine, at facilitating the generation of cross regional projects in the field of 3D Printing and that directly and adequately address end-user needs.