Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

Eleonora Nadin 3 minutes

Talking on rural innovation and regions’ green transformation with the Bioeconomy Pilot

Guest of the round table “A modern bioeconomy sector for rural innovation” organised by the REIna platform, the Bioeconomy Pilot animated the discussion on making urban-rural synergies operational and unlock the circular economy’s potential of rural communities.

The transition to a circular economy requires technological innovations, logistics, work practices, and regulatory changes. In this context, regions play a crucial role in enhancing rural innovation, supporting the transition to a circular economy by optimising regional material cycles and promoting short supply chains.

REInA (Rural European Innovation Area) is a pan-European open platform that aims to gather innovative initiatives to support a new Rural European Innovation Area. The objective of REInA is to be the loudspeaker for European rural area voices, pushing their development, growth, business, and natural resources by fair, green, and sustainable management. 

The round table was attended by Ms. Mazaly Aguilar Vice-chair of Agriculture and Rural Development Committee of the European Parliament, Mr. Roman Brenne Programme Officer DG R&I of the European Commission, Ms. Ilaria Re Technical coordinator of the Bioeconomy pilot of the Vanguard Initiative, and Ms. Ilaria Bonetti Head of the Innovation and Projects Unit at Innovhub SSI.

Please find here the event agenda.


The Bioconomy Pilot among the BioInItaly Investment Forum Juri

BioInItaly Investment Forum is the leading investment forum for innovation in biotechnology and life sciences in Italy. For the 2021 edition, the Bioeocnomy Pilot of Vanguard Initiative is the organiser of a roadshow aiming to bring together innovative start-up and SMEs and projects in search of capital with financial and corporate investors worldwide.

Start-ups and SMEs with high innovative potential were selected for a path of expert coaches and a presentation to private investors. Since its launch, BioinItaly has trained more than 130 start-ups, putting them in contact with 1,600 companies and investors.

Toward the SMBio-LNG business case replication in Slovenia

Thanks to the networking activity, in 2021, the Pilot has started mapping potential regions interested in replicating the SMBio-LNG case model. Among the regions studied, one of the most relevant Slovenian companies active in the energy sector expressed interest in evaluating the SMBio-LNG model. Thus, an extension of the TAF service was granted to validate a transregional replicable plan and demonstrate the business model's economic sustainability.

In 2021, the Pilot works on designing and implementing a Feasibility Plan for the SMBio-LNG replicability in Slovenia.

The main essential elements are:

1. Route for establishing the international company, a Special Purpose Vehicle, including its legal aspects, regulations and requirements for establishing a Slovenia company and possible incentives general facilitating conditions. The study aims to describe the regulatory framework of the production, distribution, and use of liquified biomethane and the panorama of incentives connected with biomethane production in Slovenia.

2. SMBio-LNG business plan fine-tuning to be replicated in other international markets. It includes reconstructing the value chain in the local context by mapping the biomethane production potential (existing plants and prospective ones based on available substrate and mapping of agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises), road freight companies and organised distribution large companies and food companies. The business model's potential replicability and sustainability are assessed by mapping the leading key players in biogas production and heavy vehicle mobility. The analysis considers the economic and financial parameters of a representative sample of the supply chain to measure current business models' profitability and investments in research and innovation activities.

3. A case study of the current model to be tailored made for presenting/pitching to the international stakeholders, including preparing a teaser and a pitch deck.

More info about the demo case is available here.