Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

Progress update from the bioeconomy pilot

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes
The Bioeconomy Pilot inaugurates the "Green Transition Hub" demo project for the creation of inter-regional supply chains


The Bioeconomy Pilot biopolymer demo-case launches the "Green Transition Hub" project to increase bio-products on the market obtained through the sustainable supply of biomass and support the transition of the manufacturing sector towards zero-waste models with cascade reuse of the by-products of the transformation of raw materials. The initiative provides biomass producers with a further alternative to the energy enhancement of biomasses and incineration, as well as demonstrates the feasibility of a perfect supply chain model capable of optimizing collaboration between the agricultural and manufacturing sectors, with particular attention to cosmetic applications and polymers, in order to satisfy a consumer who is increasingly sensitive and attentive to the dimension of sustainability.

With a view to a biomass economy-of-scale principle that facilitates the continuous supply of locally available biomass at low cost, low logistics costs, and scalable processes, Green Transition Hub aims to validate and develop an integrated value chain between the cosmetic supply chain and the biomaterial supply chain, thus guaranteeing collaborative approaches between dissimilar companies for the optimization of the cycle of resources and efficient use of the same, including the reuse of materials with a view to the circular economy and environmental compatibility (eco-friendly innovations -compatible).



Bioeconomy Regional Investment Forum (14-15 September 2021)

Catalyzing investment opportunities in bio-based industries and increasing investments in green technologies is a priority of the Bioeconomy Pilot who works to help SMEs develop scalable and investment-ready projects and find, select and request suitable financial, public, private, or both.
Among the strategic actions of 2021, the Pilot is the organizer and the MPowerBio project, the Bioeconomy Regional Investment Forum, to build capacity and connections between SMEs and investors.
Companies active in the bioeconomy sector are currently involved in a training and coaching path that will introduce themselves to a panel of investors (venture capitals, equity, banks, and financial operators) to strengthen their business model.
This initiative fits into the context of the Pilot's commitment to supporting SMEs with training and coaching to create new circular business models and ensure that products retain the highest level of value for as long as possible.



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