Science Meets Regions: Successful workshop in North East Romania

Science Meets Regions: Successful workshop in North East Romania

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes

There were two days full of energy and enthusiasm, June 9-10, 2022, in which representatives of public authorities, hospital managers, doctors, university professors, and companies that produce digital solutions in the field of health gathered at the same table to expose their needs, to collaborate and try to find innovative solutions and common actions for 'Accelerating the digital transformation of the health system in the North-East Region' and, implicitly, for the medical system in Romania.

The event was organized by North-East Regional Development Agency and the Vanguard Initiative and is part of the European Science Meets Regions Program, coordinated by the Joint Research Center (JRC).

The first day of the event was a source of inspiration for staff in the medical system, presenting examples of good practice in Romania (Iasi, Cluj Napoca, Bucharest), but also in Europe (Austria and the Netherlands). During a special interdisciplinary session, the role of artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis was highlighted and innovative products were presented, created by Romanian companies, designed to facilitate patient's access to health services and streamline processes in the medical system. Last but not least, the regional, national and European perspectives on how to accelerate the digital transformation of health services were highlighted.

The second day of the event had an interactive specific, organized Innovation Camp, according to the JRC methodology. Within the two working groups, the needs of the health system in the North-East region were highlighted, together with potential solutions for them. Following the debates and the presentation of the funding sources available in the programming period 2021-2027, the need for collaboration and development of partnerships at micro and macro levels, design and implementation of a common strategy at the regional level, facilitating the interoperability of medical data, implementation a document management system, an electronic inventory of medical equipment and devices, but also telemedicine systems or a regional 'cloud' of medical imaging were identified.

Beyond this event, North-East RDA reiterated its readiness to facilitate the development of projects in the field of digitization of the health system and to further organize thematic discussions with stakeholders to develop project ideas generated during the event.

We were glad to host such an event, in which the focus was on applied discussions, interventions based on real market challenges, the presentation of innovative solutions, and the identification of immediate actions, necessary to accelerate the digitization of the Romanian health system.

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The slides presented during the event are available here.