Supporting Pilot Project participants to collaborate

Supporting Pilot Project participants to collaborate

Eleonora Nadin 2 minutes

Pilots and their participants work every day to develop collaboration projects to further strengthen the value chain of their choice. In order to guide them to existing and upcoming implementation support, Vanguard Initiative recently launched two polls to which you can still contribute:

RIS3: your region’s Smart Specialisation Strategy is the access key to the innovation funds within your ERDF Operational Programme. When a Pilot’s topic is included in your RIS3, this gives potential access to financial support for activities developed by your own stakeholders. Additionally, given the need to have an ‘internationalisation’ focus in your RIS3, ERDF supported collaboration across borders becomes a possibility as well. Help the Pilots discover which RIS3s include the topic of their work, by completing the poll you find here as soon as possible.

EDIH: European Digital Innovation Hubs are one-stop-shops to help your SMEs on their route towards more digitalisation. EDIHs have specialisations in specific technology fields and certain application domains. Through the networking between the total 240 EDIHs that will soon be financed by the EC, each SME will have access to services that correspond to its needs: if not in the own region, then there will be guidance to find that support in another region in the EU. EDIH specialisations can include the topics covered by VI’s Pilot Projects. Help the Pilots to find out which (candidate) EDIHs are tackling their field of work by completing your profile by filling out the template following the instructions that you can download in the documents section. Help other EDIHs to find you as a preferred collaboration partner by doing the same exercise.*

*completed templates will be shared within VI shortly.

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