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Moravian-Silesian Region

Presentation of the Region

Moravian-Silesian Region is a region that still respects its industrial heritage, yet is able to utilise it by
linking modern technologies and well-educated people. A region that offers
extraordinary opportunities to anyone who uses their hands, head, and heart
towards the common good. A region that is not on the edge, but, on the
contrary, in the centre of a strong Central-European region, with neighbouring
regions in Poland and Slovakia, that are cooperative and well connected by
transport links.

Development of the region will be unfolded in a manner which ensures that it will
become a leader in the Czech Republic in the use of the Smart Region concept for
citizens. This will strenghten the image of the region and thus beat the image of
the region as a place with polluted air and brain-drain. All activities are aimed to
ensure that young, active and talented people have sufficient reasons to stay in the
region, that they feel they are an integral part of it and co-create its new identity.
This is reflected in the new Development Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian
Region 2019 – 2027 with the motto: "Changing life in the region with new
energy." The strategy aims to change the image of the coal region by
transforming it into a region of new technologies and clean energy utilizing the
SMARAGD strategy.

RIS3 Priorities

The Moravian-Silesian region is the 3rd fastest growing region in the Czech
republic, and its Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3) outlines the support of
research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship activities within the
region. Its coordination was entrusted to the Moravian-Silesian Innovation Centre
which develops the innovation ecosystem and improves the business environment.

The objectives of the RIS reflect the areas of change in two horizontal areas of the
regional development strategy "More Entrepreneurial and Innovative
Region" and "More Educated and Employed Region" and in two horizontal areas
of FAJNOVA "To improve the environment for business development" and "Be a
centre of first-class education".

Domains of specialization from the application markets perspective:
Automotive – automotive components
Engineering – special machinery, mechatronic systems and equipment
E-Health – medical devices and services
Smart-Agri – smart machines and devices
Hydrogen technologies – technologies for hydrogen production and utilization
Domains of specialization from the technological areas perspective:
Information technologies – digitization of business process with emphasis on
production & activities related to data processing
Technologies for production, transmission and storage of energy
New materials – conductive plastics, new properties of steels, new composite
materials, circular economics
Cultural and creative industries – audio-visual technologies and design

Jan Krkoška Governor of the region

Our region is in the midst of significant transformations, shifting away from coal mining. The industrial infrastructure is evolving swiftly, highlighting the importance of focusing on innovations and entrepreneurship. In light of these changes, forging alliances with VI members is crucial to us.

Political Representatives
Jan Krkoška

Governor of the region

Regional Contact Persons
Pavla Sliwková

Regional RIS3 coordinator

Adéla Hradilová

Regional RIS3 Manager

Regional Address

28 října 2771/117
Moravian-Silesian Region – Regional Authority
70200 Ostrava

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