3D-printing Pilot gathered for online plenary meeting on 2 April

3D-printing Pilot gathered for online plenary meeting on 2 April

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

On April 2nd, the 3D-printing (3DP) Pilot of the Vanguard Initiative held its 11th Plenary Meeting. This meeting took place in a fully ‘virtual’ environment, which enabled, despite the current COVID-19 crisis, the creation of insightful content and the participation of various stakeholders from more than 15 distinct EU regions.

With over 80 participants and promising next steps agreed upon, it is very inspiring, in these challenging times, to see the confirmed potential of cross-regional cooperation in addressing key (demonstration-related) industrial challenges and in facilitating the deployment of AM-based solutions that will help the industry to become smarter and more sustainable.

Following a plenary session, 10 parallel sessions were organised, each focusing on strategic areas for cross-regional demonstration activities. The discussed topics and initiatives covered:

  • AM in the Built Environment (led by South-NL) 
  • Efficient collaborative robot through 3D printing optimization (led by Catalonia)
  • Healthcare demo case - 3D-Printed customized components for orthosis, exoskeleton and exoprosthesis (led by Emilia Romagna)  
  • Additive-subtractive high precision & high finish production (high-end metals): a focus on elaborating cross-regional solutions for raising awareness (among SMEs) on AM-related opportunities (led by South-NL and Lombardy)
  • 3D-Printed large parts and complex shapes (mono-material) through emerging 3DP technologies (led by Aragon and Piemonte)
  • Multi-materials components by hybrid 3D Printing manufacturing (led by Emilia Romagna)
  • Innovative hybrid (subtractive/additive) manufacturing approach for repairing added value damaged objects (led by Trentino)
  • Provide a toolset for maintenance for 3DP and a training course for employees to do the maintenance (led by South NL)
  • Multi-material 3D printing: Structural integrated electronics in 3D printed parts (led by Upper-Austria)
  • Machinery and Tooling – A focus on AM-based parts and components for the processing industry (led by  Wallonia/Flanders)

The fruitful discussions that took place will help these projects in moving towards further implementation. Let’s work hard on the delivery of industry-relevant impacts!

If you are interested in learning more about the 3DP Pilot, please contact Jean-François Romainville, IDEA Consult, [email protected].