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Aragon is a "moderate innovator" (17 places better than in 2019), ranking 6th among the Spanish Comunididades Autónomas.

The Economic Specialisation pattern of Aragon concentrates its capacities in areas of activity that represent 79.16% of total regional Gross Value Added (GVA).

The manufacturing industry, which consists essentially of automotive and machinery and equipment manufacturing, accounted for 17.81% of the Gross Value Added of Aragon, making it one of the most industrialised regions of Spain, given that the manufacturing industry accounts for 12.30% of total GVA at national level.

Meanwhile, services connected with the industry account for 7.98% of this regional GVA. At national level, services connected with the industry account for 12.83% of the total national GVA, showing that Aragon still has significant growth potential to meet the aforementioned national average.

Energy is a strategic sector for Aragon, it being the second-largest region in Spain with installed wind power accounting for 15.6% of the national total, in a context in which Spain is the second-largest country in terms of installed wind capacity in Europe. 80% of all energy generated in Aragon came from renewable resources.

The food industry is particularly noteworthy in terms of feed, meat, bakery, pasta and beverage manufacturing activities. In this context, agriculture and livestock farming accounts for 5.88% of regional GDP, which is well above the national average of 2.88%.

Other sectors with a significant impact on the Aragonese economy are trade, transport and storage, i.e. logistics, which includes 430 companies and generates 13,000 jobs in Aragon, and hospitality, an activity that contributes towards the development of regional tourism. Together they represent 20.66% of regional GDP.

In addition, the public sector has a significant weight on regional GDP, reaching 18.94%.

The Business Specialisation Coefficient of Aragon indicates that, compared to the Spanish average, the region is highly specialised in the business activities with the greatest impact on the regional economy are industrial, energy and environmental. Aragon also has a positive specialisation coefficient in other sectors, such as health and well-being, chemistry, food industry and IT products.

The Technological specialisation pattern shows that Aragon has capabilities in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) applied to the region’s strategic business areas.


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RIS3 Priorities

  • Sustainable mobility
  • Agrifood
  • Health and well-being
  • Green energy and fuels
  • Advanced technologies
  • Cultural and creative industries and sectors
Political Representatives
María del Mar Paños de Arriba

Directora General de Promoción industrial e Innovación (General Director for Industrial promotion and Innovation)

Regional Contact Persons
Raquel Ornat Clemente

Technical Advisor

Brussels Contact Persons
María Palacios Díez

policy advisor

Regional Address

Paseo María Agustín, 36, puerta 28, perimera planta
50004 Zaragoza Zaragoza

Brussels Office Address

Boulevard du Régent, 52
1000 Brussels

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