Updates from the Bioeconomy Pilot: new demo-case and contributions to the Green Deal

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The latest updates from the Vanguard Initiative's Bioeconomy Pilot includes the launch of a new demo-case on biopolymers production. Through support from the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), the Bioeconomy Pilot's demo-case on advanced and sustainable biofuels will also be able to strengthen its work on sustainable mobility, which is in line witht he European Green Deal. 

Launch of a new demo-case on biopolymers production

The Bioeconomy Pilot launched a co-creation initiative for a new demo-case on biopolymers by gathering the most advanced business models across the Vanguard regions. The Biopolymers stakeholder meeting, a free thematic webinar and partnering events organized on 18th June engaged 100 attendees including industries, SMEs entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers.  The demo-case is currently engaging four advanced industrial use-cases focused on validating a profitable way to produce biomaterials suitable for medical fashion, furniture, packaging and automotive applications.

How the Bioeconomy contributes to achieving the European Green Deal

Achieving greener and sustainable mobility and carbon neutrality in Europe are two pillars of the Green Deal. The Bioeconomy Pilot and its demo-case on sustainable mobility are fully committed to this goal and are actively working on gathering regions on supporting the transition towards a more sustainable production and consumption route.

The SMBio-LNG use case has been successfully selected for the Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) support, and now, it is working on the development of a business plan aimed at attracting private investments and allowing the replication of the model among Vanguard member regions.

The case is led by the Lombard company Maganetti Spedizioni Spa, a leader in the Italian panorama of industrial transport and logistics, committed to validating a supply-chain to produce liquefied biomethane, distribution and sale. Maganetti Spedizioni Spa is the first Italian company, and one of the first in Europe, to use liquefied biomethane of non-fossil origin, locally produced and not imported. By summer 2020, a new plant will be launched for the production of biogas and subsequent biomethane liquefaction.

To enhance the supply chain and start a commercial activity on an industrial scale, a liquefied biomethane distributor will finally be built by the end of the year.

More information about the Bio-economy Pilot is available here