Join the Nano Pilot at the Nano Innovation Conference 2020

Join the Nano Pilot at the Nano Innovation Conference 2020

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The demo cases of the Vanguard Initiative Nano Pilot will take part in the fifth edition of NanoInnovation conference that will take place from 15 - 18 September 2020 in virtual mode. The Nano Pilot is collaborating with the NanoItaly Association and the Italian Association for Industrial Research (AIRI) to organize the event. All Vanguard and Nano Pilot members are invited to register and participate in the conference which includes interesting seminars and matchmaking sessions. 

The democase leaders of the Nano Pilot have been invited by the NanoInnovation conference organisers to join the event and present their demo cases during the conference. Additionally, the VI mission and its approach to innovation through pilot projects and demonstration-cases will be presented during the plenary session on 15th September at the "Innovation at the Nanoscale: Research and innovation strategies and opportunities for the Industry and Research world" track.

The NanoInnovation conference offers the opportunity for the demo cases to gain interest and attention from a variety of stakeholders active in the business and research community that are participating in the conference. NanoInnovation 2020 is an international event dedicated to nanotechnology, involving several important actors  of the scientific, industrial, economic and institutional world active in the field of innovation, research and technology transfer. Following the cooperation between the conference organisers and the Italian Trade Agency, actors from various countries will participate to the event.

All Vanguard Initiative members, especially the Nano Pilot business and research actors, are invited to attend the conference sessions and take part in the matchmaking event that will be held on 17th of September in virtual mode.

The matchmaking event will be focused on application sectors relevant for nanotechnologies and their integration with KETs, including:

  • Additive & 3d Manufacturing
  • Agri-food
  • Construction & Building & Restoration
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Electronics, Micro and Nanosystems 
  • Energy & Environment
  • Health % Nanomedicine
  • Industry 4.0
  • Innovative and Smart Textiles 
  • Nano-Bio Related Products
  • Nanofabrication
  • Nano-Materials Based Innovation
  • Nanoscale Characterization and Measurements
  • Safety and Social Impacts
  • Transport, Space & Aeronautics 

Registrations to the NanoInnovation matchmaking event are open until 15th of September on the B2Match platform

NanoInnovation 2020 will take place virtually and is free of charge upon registration. More information is available on the event website here