The Nano Pilot is growing: three new demo-cases have been launched

The Nano Pilot is growing: three new demo-cases have been launched

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The call for ideas launched in September to support the start-up of new demo-cases in the Nano Pilot has originated three proposals. 

A first demo-case is focused on MEMS for nano-analytiX and is led by the Bologna Unit of CNR Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems. It aims to demonstrate and deploy MEMS technology for the integration of analytical functionalities in miniaturized sensing systems by adding analytical functionalities of nano-enabled MEMS devices to microsensors.

A second demo-case concerns a Flip-Chip assembly for Indium Phosphide PICs chips. The leader of this demo-case, the Dutch Chip Integretor Technology Center,  is looking for collaboration with OEM-ers, end-user, OSAT’s and research centers that are interested in adding to the European integrated photonics value chain. 

A third demo-case focused on structural health of composite materials is lead by the Navarra Technology Center NAITEC. The objective of the demo-case is to develop reliable, cost effective and large scale solutions to address structural health on mechanical parts and components and embedding of micro nano sensors within composite manufactured parts.

The Nano Pilot organised its last plenary meeting on 13 November, where the new demo-cases took part in the pitching session. If you are interested in learning more about the demo-cases, the presentations shared during plenary meeting are available here

Regions and their ecosystem stakeholders - companies, clusters, research centres, etc. - interested in one or more of the new demo-cases can contact the Nano Pilot by sending an email to: Els Van de Velde, Nano Pilot network manager - IDEA consult