Nano Pilot to launch call for new demo-cases

Nano Pilot to launch call for new demo-cases

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

The Nano Pilot will soon launch a call for ideas to set up new demo-cases in the area of micro- and nanotechnology. All regions that are members of the Nano Pilot will be invited to participate in this activity by submitting one or more proposals and/or expressing their interest to join as partner.

Proposals can be submitted by organisations that are located in a Nano Pilot member regions, while potential partners could come from the whole Vanguard Initiative. Potential applicants should be part of the innovation ecosystem of the various Nano Pilot member regions (research organisations, companies, innovation intermediaries, regional agencies), aiming to start a new demo-case in a cross-regional setting or to showcase a draft proposal that could benefit from a cross-regional dimension.

Applicants should demonstrate that the new demo-cases are:

  • a micro or nanotechnology focused demonstration project, carrying out applied research and close-to-market innovation (TRL 6 to 8) e.g. a project that deals with micro/nanofabrication applications) 
  • industry-relevant and industry-driven: the project aims at addressing industrial needs and the potential interest of private actors can be demonstrated
  • cross-regional: the cross-regional collaboration can take the form of combining expertise/equipment/services, co-investing in new assets ranging from different Vanguard regions

The Nano Pilot will select a few ideas and assign a budget to these new demo cases for providing specific support, such as feasibility studies, to set-up those new demo-cases.

For more information, please contact the Pilot Network Manager, Ms. Els Van de Velde.