Update on recent developments within the Nano Pilot

Update on recent developments within the Nano Pilot

Ryan Titley 2 minutes

Within the Nano Pilot, the NeMs4Bio democase organised an explorative workshop for partners in East Netherlands and Flanders on 14th of August. The objective of the meeting was to discuss various concepts for R&D activities in order to develop a platform using standardized solutions. The NeMs4Bio demo case aims to develop integrated and packaged functional modules that fit into devices, and not isolated pieces of technology.

Several advantages of the NeMs4Bio platform, such as access to standardized building blocks, cost-efficient and rapid customizations, improved scalability, etc. were discussed. Thereafter, all participants were invited to present their organisation and relevant initiatives. This session was followed by a brainstorming session, using a virtual whiteboard. Several questions were addressed: 

  • Why is there a need for modules/standards/platform creation, and what are the advantages/disadvantages?    
  • Which aspects (e.g. process, hardware) should the modules cover? 
  • Which concepts can be generated to address the NeMs4Bio platform in various sectors such as MedTech, Agrifood, etc.? 
  • Which competences can we cover with the current participants and which ones are we still missing?
  • How can we best realise this? What are the pitfalls and barriers?

Following a fruitful discussion, all actors confirmed their interest to contribute to the creation of the NeMs4BIO technology platform by adding standardized microfluidic and electronic building blocks that allow for engineering on demand into tailored applications

For more information on the developments within the NeMs4Bio democase, please contact the Pilot Network Manager Ms. Els Van de Velde.