VI supports innovative SMEs: meet Gualini Lamiere

VI supports innovative SMEs: meet Gualini Lamiere

Eleonora Nadin 1 minute

hgjhIt's situated in Bergamo (Lombardy Region -IT) one of the most active companies in the VI Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing (ESM) pilot.

Gualini Lamiere International Spa is one of the leading players on the Italian national scene for the design, construction, and installation of towers for theĀ wind turbine sector, telecommunication, and energy transport sectors.

Their participation in the Digital Transformation demo case within the ESM Pilot allowed the company to identify specific industrial needs, challenges, and priorities in metal sheet manufacturing.

"The participation to ESM Pilot allowed us to exploit synergies and interregional collaborations, that is essential to increase the competitiveness of Gualini in terms of development of innovative solutions and skills."

jhThanks to the interregional collaboration established through the ESM pilot project, Gualini Spa also had the chance to explore available funding opportunities by participating in theĀ AI REGIO project (H2020) with a specific experiment on the AI-driven recognition of metal sheets features (dimensions, thickness, weights, etc.) minimizing the handling operations.

The networking with other inter-regional ecosystems provided a great opportunity to identify valuable partners and #technology providers for the development of digital solutions and sharing of mutual knowledge and Increase visibility at the local and EU levels.