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Presentation of the Region

Navarra, Comunidad Foral de Navarra, is situated in the North of Spain, at the western end of the Pyrenees, where it shares a 163-kilometre stretch of frontier with France. It has a land area of 10,391.08 square kilometers. Navarre is a European crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and connects Spain up with the rest of Europe. Almost unique in Spain, Navarre brings together three different bio-geographical regions: the Alpine to the northeast, the Atlantic to the northwest, and the Mediterranean to the south. Over the few kilometres that separate north and south, you can experience a whole kingdom of natural and cultural diversity which is quite astonishing, given the size of the region. Landscapes with marked contrasts, traditions, languages, and a diverse and rich artistic legacy, all of which has been carefully looked after without taking our eyes off the future... Navarre is the gateway to the Camino de Santiago and a land that knows how to enjoy its food.

Although being a relatively small region, Navarra has one of the most advanced economies in the country. Navarre has a diversified economy and a strong industrial sector. The industrial fabric currently plays a major role in its economy, representing more than 26,1% of GDP. Almost one out of every three euro of gross added value is generated by industry. More than 125 foreign multinational companies located in Navarra.

RIS3 Priorities

The Smart Specialisation Strategy of Navarre has entailed an example and guidance for neighbouring European regions of how integration of the different sectors and stakeholders can
be achieved.

The vision of the future is contained in the following 5 development themes of Navarre:
• Cohesive Navarre, socially and territorially, as a final objective of the strategy.
• Healthy Navarre, with healthy products and services, taking care of people.
• Sustainable Navarre, environmentally responsible and efficient in the use of resources.
• Industrial Navarre, increasing our productivity with 4.0 technologies.
• Competitive Navarre, improving the global position of our companies.

Using the five themes of the strategic vision: a cohesive, healthy, sustainable, industrial and competitive Navarre, six high priority economic areas are proposed. Via the development of these areas of specialisation and the search for synergies between them, the idea is to generate new opportunities for diversification and entrepreneurship during the implementation phase, creating “bridges” between current strengths and future niches.


“We are committed to a socially and territorially cohesive Navarra that is open and inter-connected, made up of creative and entrepreneurial individuals who participate in a modern, competitive economy marked by its industrial strength, its commitment to the environment, health and quality of life"

Political Representatives
María Chivite


Regional Contact Persons
Sergio Pérez

Director General for Foreign Affairs

Brussels Contact Persons
Beatriz Irala Aliaga

Senior EU Policy Officer

Regional Address

Yanguas y Miranda 27, 1º
31003 Pamplona Navarra

Brussels Office Address

Rue De Pascale 16
1000 Brussels

Our Pilots

matrix, communication, software
DigiPrime - new Horizon 2020 project within the ESM Pilot

“DigiPrime – Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” is a new project developed and successfully submitted to Horizon 2020 by the ESM Pilot’s demo-case De-and Remanufacturing

The Directors of the Vanguard Initiative’s members gather for a High-level meeting in Brussels

On 28 June the Vanguard Initiative held its annual High-level Directors’ Meeting in Brussels.