The evaluation results of the SME Success Stories are out!

The evaluation results of the SME Success Stories are out!

Eleonora Nadin 3 minutes

The Vanguard Initiative SME Success Stories evaluation results are finally out and we are proud to announce the winners of this new Vanguard support scheme.

The five awarded applications are:

Name of the Company

Region of the applicant company

Name of the project

Region of the partner company:

VI pilot area GmbH

Baden-Württemberg (DE)

Smart Monitoring: out-of-the-box data-driven process automation for small and medium enterprises


AI Pilot

Hydrumedical S.A.

Norte (PT)



Smart Health Pilot

Bond High Performance 3D Technology BV

East-Netherlands/Geelderland (NL)

Classification of Long Term Behaviour

East and North Finland (FI)

3DP Pilot

Remembrane srls

Emilia-Romagna (IT)

Generation of a ready-to-use Lipid Mixture able to boost the yield of recombinant protein manufacturing in Bacillus subtilis large-scale fermentations

Slovenia (SI)

Bio-Economy Pilot

AddCat B.V.

South Netherlands (NL)

Improved 3D metal printed catalysts

Autonomous Province of Trento / Trentino (IT)

3DP Pilot




We would like to thank all the applicants for the number of high-quality proposals received, and we are looking forward to supporting the five awarded applications in creating truly interregional collaboration success stories powered by SMEs.

The first edition of the Vanguard SME Success Stories in numbers:

  • 14 applications received
  • The applications were targeting 3DP Pilot (3), AI Pilot (3), Bioeconomy (1), ESM Pilot (2), Nano (2), and Smart Health (3)
  • The applications came from SMEs registered in Sachsen (1), South Netherlands (2), North Rhine-Westphalia (2), Emilia-Romagna (1), Norte (1), East Netherlands (2), Malopolska (1), Baden-Württemberg (3), Slovenia (1)
  • The applicant SMEs are seeking collaboration with organisations located in the following regions: Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen – South Tyrol; Autonomous Province of Trento / Trentino; Catalonia (2) East and North Finland; East Netherlands/Gelderland (2); Emilia-Romagna; Flanders, Malopolska, Saxony, Slovenia. Two applications had no pre-identified partner.

About the Vanguard Initiative SME Success Stories

The SME Success Story initiative aims at boosting the involvement of innovative SMEs in the Vanguard Initiative pilot activities. The objective is to promote significant and relevant SME and industry participation, and thereby promote quicker market uptake of products and services. Ultimately this would strengthen interregional value chains.

In this first call edition, the Vanguard Initiative will offer the five awarded SMEs a tailored programme to support international innovation collaboration along with financial support of €11.000 in the form of an Innovation Voucher that can be used to support and fund the initial stages of this collaboration.

Vanguard is also bringing its network of innovation ecosystems and qualified experts to facilitate and support cross-regional innovation practices. The Vanguard Pilot Monitoring group (VPM) – which is Vanguard’s central exchange for its industrial support activities - is also available to support winning companies in the identification and selection of relevant partner profiles, if necessary.