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Baden - Württemberg

Presentation of the Region

In Baden-Württemberg, industry and innovation are two sides of the same coin. Over 30 percent of the state’s value creation is generated by industry. And Baden-Württemberg is one of the most innovative regions in Europe with a R&D-intensity of 5.6 percent. The private sector is responsible for 80 percent of R&D expenditure. Our industrial structure is a mixture of global players and a strong middle class, which are well connected. Many SMEs are Hidden Champions in their international markets. A core element of our policy for industrial renewal is a further fortification of our excellent R&D infrastructure. In order to prepare the industrial location Baden-Württemberg for future challenges, an industry dialogue has developed a visionary concept for industry in the year 2025. Ensuring Baden-Württemberg’s international industrial competitiveness is at the forefront of this concept. Our industry will continue to make their contribution by developing innovative products and services to overcoming social challenges including, e.g. energy supply, health and mobility in future years. Digitising the industry (Industry 4.0) and the economy as a whole (Economy 4.0) will have a key role in this. Another priority for Baden-Württemberg is the transfer of technology from science to business.

RIS3 Priorities

The RIS-Group Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Human Machine Interface (HMI), which has been set up by the regions of Lombardy, Baden-Württemberg, Navarre, North Brabant, and Örebro in Autumn 2018, has set itself the goal to promote the implementation of AI-based technologies for the improvement of mechatronics, robotics and human-machine interaction and to accelerate the innovation processes of companies, including SMEs.

Innovation strength is a critical factor for the competitiveness of the state. Our innovative strength helps us make an important contribution in tackling the challenges our society faces. Therefore, further strengthening Baden-Württemberg’s innovative capacity lies at the core of the intelligent specialisation of the state. Baden-Württemberg has established an Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) competition that has rewarded the best proposals for a smart specialisation strategy. This competition has encouraged and benefited from stimulating integrated thinking of all the stakeholders involved in the competition.

For over 30 years, The Four Motors for Europe have shaped their interregional strategy with a view to consolidating the economic, scientific and technological competitiveness of the four regions involved. Baden-Württemberg is also an important player in the macroregional EU Strategies for the Danube Region (EUSDR) and the Alpine Space (EUSALP).

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Wuerttemberg

"Our innovative industry is a mixture of global players and a strong Mittelstand with a lot of “hidden champions”. We are concentrating our activities on dynamic future growth areas such as sustainable mobility or resource efficiency."

Political Representatives
Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut

Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Wuerttemberg

Regional Contact Persons
Dr. Peter Mendler

Head of Unit - Industry and Technology Policy, Digitisation of the Economy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Wuerttemberg

Dr.-Ing. Petra Püchner

Commissioner for Europe of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Württemberg

Sebastian Große-Puppendahl

Senior Policy Officer to Commissioner for Europe of Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Tourism Baden-Wuerttemberg

Brussels Contact Persons
Fabian Jägerhuber
Regional Address

Schlossplatz 4
Neues Schloss
70173 Stuttgart

Brussels Office Address

Rue Belliard 60/62
1040 Etterbeek, Brussels

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