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Event 11th December: "Brain Drain - Brain Gain: Local and Regional Experience"

The IER - Institute of Economic Research of the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano/Bozen and the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen are organizing a… READ MORE

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Joint Vanguard-EARTO contribution to EC consultation on GBER combining funding

Contribution to the public consultation on targeted review of the GBER We welcome the Commission’s proposals aiming at facilitating the combination… READ MORE

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Vanguard Initiative launches a new Task Group on Co-Funding

A new Task Group on Co-Funding has been launched, with the aim to share experiences, debate and influence regional funding policies, instruments and… READ MORE

ESM Pilot promoted at several conferences

During this second trimester of the year, the ESM Pilot has been extremely active in promoting its activities while participating to several… READ MORE

Conference to showcase the “NeSSIE approach”

On 24th April, the NeSSIE project organised a conference in Brussels to showcase the NeSSIE approach in defining and developing investable business… READ MORE

magdeburg, saxony-anhalt, city
Vanguard Initiative welcomes Saxony-Anhalt (DE) as new member to the network

During the High-level Directors meeting, Saxony-Anhalt was welcomed as a new member to the Network, which raises the network membership to 35 Regions… READ MORE

Vanguard Initiative High Level Directors take steps to strengthen the network

On 18 June the Vanguard Initiative held its annual High-level Directors’ Meeting in Brussels. During the meeting, the Directors took several steps… READ MORE

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European networks and S3 partnerships come together to support Interregional Innovation Investments for European value chains

European Regions, Interregional Smart Specialisation partnerships and other innovation stakeholders jointly call upon the European Parliament and the… READ MORE

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International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting, Bologna, 5th June 2019

The International Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting - C2C - is conceived as a summit gathering national and regional clusters from European countries aiming… READ MORE

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Bioeconomy Pilot Project to participate in several European events organised by the bio-based sector

The Bioeconomy Pilot is having a busy spring and will participate in several events organised by the bio-based sector, both as speakers and… READ MORE

wind turbine, sea, ocean
Key steps forward in creating new demonstration opportunities in marine renewables and offshore energy applications

2019 has seen a busy few months for ADMA Energy partners, with a flurry of activity around the final months of the NeSSIE project, new opportunities… READ MORE

board, electronics, computer
Three potential new demo cases in the New Nano Enabled Products Pilot Project

In April 2018, the Emilia-Romagna region joined Skåne as co-leading region for the Nano Pilot. This new partnership has had a positive impact on the… READ MORE